The instant anti-age rewind concealer -Maybelline


I’ve been waiting for this product for years when it disappear from belgium stores we couldn’t buy it anywhere. I seen it on every beauty blog in belgium that it had return to our beloved drugstores. The moment I was free I raced to my local Di immediately but it was already sold out. I when for few days to Barcelona and I found this holy treasure,  it was a lot cheaper than in belgium so I picked one up. The product is completely in Spanish but the product is the still the same.


Not only us this you typical concealer because it’s an anti age product it carries some benefits, this  treatment concealer features a micro-corrector applicator to help instantly erase dark circles and fine lines. Infused with goji berry and Haloxylβ„’. ingredient that helps anti aging and leaves your skin looking flawless.


Retail prices: 9,99$ – 13,29€  I didn’t purchase mine in belgium but in Barcelona and it was a big price gap so It seems every store has a different price.


I love reading your comments! Do you have an indispensable concealer?

Robin Xx


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  1. Makeup & Beauty Blog says:

    one of my favorite concealers! even compared to the high-end ones

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    1. Robinbeeblog says:

      In shock how good it was, definitely for the price point is crazy! Xx


  2. This is an amazing concealer, and I love putting it under my eyes! Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

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