Highlighter made by unicorn – I Heart Makeup


Today on my blog, a magical product that looks like heaven for every highlighter lover in the world, I got this in my local drugstore and I was surprised by the new makeup collection from I ♥ Makeup, They have so much different product that are just stunning but this one intrigued me the most. Their packaging is over cute they have melted chocolate bars and these heart-shaped highlights and blushes.


Swatching them one by one is so pretty they have all stunning pigmentation, I wore this for a whole workday and my highlight was still on, I am so impressed by the quality of this product I thought it would just look pretty but it actually works perfectly. I had no problems with the colour being to sheer there immediately bright and colourful. Order or visited your local kruidvat, Retail price 5,99€


When you swirl these colours together you get a cool toned silver that you will see from a mile away if you not carefull enough. Use your fingers, Beautyblender or a fanbrush everything works with this product. If you’re not already convinced that this product is properly the best and what you need, then you can always look again at that gorgeous rainbow swatch I created!


I love reading your comment’s! What are your thoughts about this rainbow highlighter?

Robin xx


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