Etos – shower foam collection

If you’re not familiar with shower foams than this blog post will tell you everything you have to know. My first thought was that the feeling of washing your body with this kind of soap form, it feels so soft to the touch and to your body. It’s so much more fun with foam because it does not melt away immediately it stays bubbly  I didn’t expect.

The Lime & Carambola foam is smells really sweet, if your into these scents I definitely recommend this one, it has strong smell but fades away quickly, all of these make your skin smoother and less dryer after showering. If you have trouble with dry skin you can switch to these soaps.

The Sea Salt & Menthol foam this is my dads favorites it smells like a fresh mens perfume but still subtle enough to was your howl body with it. We purchase this one again because it really good and it goes a long way.

The Silk & Smooth foam this was surprisingly not the sweetest fragrance of this collection,  It would seem like it because it’s pink but that’s not the case this has a natural and refreshing scent .

I love reading your comments! What is your Etos experience? Are you familiar with shower foams?

Robin Xx


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