LUSH – Reusable Bubblebar

Every ones and awhile you have to visit Lush, it makes me so happy stepping in to their stores, it’s so colourful and the scent’s of all the products are overwhelmingly good. I hunted the limited giraffe for a long time, I kept seeing this product on their social’s but every time they didn’t have them in stores. So I would keep my eyes peeled, one day I went to brussels I saw them and I didn’t hesitate, bought them immediately so nobody could take this from me.

Elsie is a reusable bubble bar with fresh lime and lemon zest. The grapefruit oil will give you a clean and uplifted feeling. Swirl around for loads of bubbles. Not only the scent is amazing but look at het such a cutie. Retail price 10,95€



♥ Made without synthetic preventives.

♥ Let Elsie dry and use her again and again.

♥ She is limited edition.

♥ Fresh and Handmade

♥ Vegan


Tea Tree: This toner tab has tea tree oil as main ingredient that keeps your pores clean and clear, aswell as the aloe vera powder that helps with redness and irritation. us facemask after for a perfect clean skin. Retail price 1,50€

♥ Dream Steam: This is a steamer tab to calm your busy mind also it has benefits to the skin with the rose fragrant it helps redness and calms your skin. Smooth and radiant, perfect for sensitive skin. Retail price 2,59€

PS. Once your toner water has cooled, pop it in a spray bottle and keep it in the fridge for a couple more days.

I love reading your comments! what is your favorite store experience?

Robin Xx


16 Comments Add yours

  1. Ik ben echt nog nooit in een Lush winkel geweest. Als ik eens bij een winkel in de buurt kom zal ik eens een keer binnen gaan neuzen want ik lees zoveel positieve verhalen over dit merk.

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  2. Janine says:

    Ik Ben nog nooit in de lush winkel geweest maar wil ik zeker een keer doen! Hoor er alleen maar goede verhalen over

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  3. Array says:

    lush is zo een heerlijke winkel om in rond te neuzen!


  4. tekstraket16 says:

    I love tea tree. Don’t matter what store!

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  5. I’m going to try my first Lush bath bomb. I don’t have a bath at home and i’m at a bungalow atm where there is one.

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  6. mckleuver says:

    Nice dat deze producten met de hand zijn gemaakt. Daar wordt dan echte liefde ingestoken.


  7. Ik ben nog nooit in een Lush winkel geweest, maar sommige mensen zijn er echt fan van heb ik ontdekt.


  8. marblebeauty says:

    I love lush! One of my favourite shops, it always smells amazing in there xxx

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  9. beautyfromkatie says:

    A reusable Bubble bar sounds so cool! I haven’t tried anything from Lush yet x

    Beauty From Katie

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    1. Robinbeeblog says:

      It is amazing, you will have so much fun with these xx


  10. nataliecharmaine says:

    I love reading lush hauls. Id love to get my hands on that giraffe. Sounds amazing and so cute too 😍

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    1. Robinbeeblog says:

      It’s soon leaving there collection be quick xx

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      1. nataliecharmaine says:

        Noooo don’t say that 😩

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  11. I need some of the dream steam in my life! Sounds amazing xx

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    1. Robinbeeblog says:

      Small but precious xx

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