Makeup Products Not Worth Buying 

Sadly enough we all have bought bad makeup product that just doesn’t get the job done, most product are inexpensive but that doesn’t mean that drugstore product are not worth trying. Sometimes they you find diamonds and the next it’s just dirt …

This is just a bad product what did I expect from 1€, the PS… collection from Primark is not my thing after trying this product. This matte long last lipstick is not worth it the colour is horrible, you can’t wear this out. Patchy and smell like crayons.

This “lipkit”  from Maxfactor is really not my thing, to expensive like 17€ for a drugstore product.  You suppose to take the liquid gloss first wait a couple of second and apply the clear balm on top, no problem there but if you look closer it’s a big mess. First of all it is streaky and looks very cheap on the lips. So I think I whip it off, not to quick because the balm will glide of easily and you’re left with dried up liquid gloss that will not butch so your lips are very dry and gross. Yes it says long-lasting but not in a cute way.

Essence have some quality products most of my  first product come from their collection but of course there are some bad  ones. This ‘easy  2 use’  jumbo eyeliner.   Bought me  over with words. But it’s not easy to use , when you try it out on the hand it draws a black lines not opaque but product comes out, when you trying to draw your wing on, the product comes out very patchy and very hard to draw on and the product bleeds out.

I had a MUA concealer before so I thought let try out a liquid one, thought wrong this product disappears and makes your foundation or other product patchy aswell. I just can’t use this it’s so bad. I truly tried but I make it work.

This NYC concealer is so weird in the beginning it worked well not always, some days it was a full cover concealer and then a fail products, I don’t recommend this one. If you have found a concealer that works from the drugstore let me know, I need one but can’t find one.

I have tried this one for so many times but it does nothing and it full of glitter. So when you’re applying the foundation above this it’s so sparkly like you just dipt your face in a pot of glitter, not cute and gives a sticky texture.

I love reading your comments! What is your biggest miss buy? what do you with those bad products?

Robin Xx


12 thoughts on “Makeup Products Not Worth Buying 

  1. Goed dat je dit ook noemt. 👌🏾
    Ik ben een zeer slecht voorbeeld, ik gebruik weinig make-up en ik kan er daardoor jaren mee doen.
    Al weet ik dat het heel slecht kan zijn, mijn 12 jaar oude oogschaduw laat me nog steeds niet in de steek. 😄

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  2. eigenlijk koop ik op make-up en beauty gebied nooit miskopen, gewoon omdat ik het niet vaak gebruik, alhoewel, inheb weleens nagellak gekocht, dat ik dacht leuke kleur, maar die na aanbrengen echt niet mooi was.


  3. This post is a great idea! Everyone always does positive reviews but it’s great to hear about products we shouldn’t buy…. I know everytime I use an anti-red cream it’s gross and pointless… would hate for it to be sparkly too haha! xx

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