The Big Athleisure Trend

Ath-leisure is a fashion trend that is most seen with active wear, Harvey Nichols’ representive Yu says : “Their practicality and the frequency of wear they allow, with pieces that take the modern women from work to after-work, including dinners, gym visits and grocery shopping in between, is key,”. Nobody wants to wear uncomfortable high heels during the day. So they pick the most comfortable clothing in their closet such as leggings together with a pair of fashionable sneakers. Designer from Under Armour, Tim Coppens Says :

“We took references from the field and translated them into what you would wear in an everyday setting,”

This specific trend became popular quickly around the world, in 2016 athleisure has officially become high fashion. Every fashion blogger knows or wears this kind of stable style in 2017,  most of us can relate to these kind of clothes. Every store brings out their own style of active wear , if you’re going to work or have errands to run, this can be the top picked style to choose. Just wear your sneakers with everything, your dress, suit, skirt or just pants. So it’s not only worn for athletic activities but this trend has worked his way to school, social occasions and your daily work outfit.

If you’re on social-media you definitely have seen every celebrity walk in this style when they’re on the go. Designers and executives say :

“Athleisure is not a trend that is a moment in time,”

 But is it? for more people it has become a fashion trend like no other. Of course will you keep going for that same trend? CEO Lululemon Potdevin says “Athleisure, that bubble will pop and the people who are not in it for the right reasons will go away,”

Lisa Shaller-Goldberg was one of the first to understand the athleisure trend but “They originally said it was corny and no one dresses that way,” Now most of us are living this lifestyle in comfortable sneakers and leggings but what holds the future? I didn’t notice  much but some have predictions for this trend. Jan Rogers said that people were jogging in workout gear but that during a casual part of the day, there was no athleisure as street wear to be seen. And even Lululemon “There is no more, the growth that was there before and there are way more competitors for [Lululemon] compared to when they’d started 10 years ago. What’s next? Apparently it’s denim. You can always choose for jeggings!

athleisure-the-futurePhoto By Clare Varga

Clare Varga, WGSN Director Active, gave WGSN Insider her three thoughts on Athleisure.

Athleisure is the new normal: Earlier this year, Merriam-Webster announced that the word ‘Athleisure’ will be added to the dictionary and defined it as “casual clothing designed to be worn for both exercising and for general use”. The term has gone mainstream as we all embrace the wellness lifestyle.

The designer backlash: Now that the term has gone mainstream, designers are ditching the umbrella term and fighting to give credit to the unique, different design styles that have previously been sandwiched into the term. Streetwear designer Nasir Mazah recently criticised fashion writers for their use of phrases like ‘athleisure’ or ‘the sportswear trend’, calling it rude and citing their deep lack of understanding for the subtleties of the aesthetic.

The term will start to fade: For the retail industry and brands the term Athleisure is too broad, and using it is a disservice to your product offerings. Individual consumers and style tribes have emerged within the umbrella term, so to better understand and serve those consumers and their needs retailers need to ditch the broad term.

workitout_whats_new_logo_640x640.jpgPhoto by Mac Cosmetics

Not only clothing but the makeup industry has jumped on this trend aswell, you’ve maybe seen these different brand promoters who ‘work out’ collections such as Mac – Work It Out CollectionTart – Athleisure Collection, Rae Cosmetics,…

More and more brands are playing on this active way of living. Nobody can spend hours doing their makeup before work or other occasions. Tarte CMO Candace Craig Bulishak says “These are high-maintenance products with a low-maintenance routine,” The founder of Rae Cosmetics says “no makeup is not really an option.” These are all makeup products that are sweat-proof  and are very easy to use, throwing them in your gym bag and you’re good to go. Especially if you’re in a time limit, these products can make your day a little easier, and still have your skin look alive.

Photo via Instagram by @ninzeey

The company Rockwear will give you more depth in the athleisure trend from creating their own brand to seeking the perfect active wear for everyone, as they work in this industry, make quality fashion and know what to do. The following interview is lead by

What do you think has influenced the demand for “active wear” outside of the gym?

I think what has specifically influenced the demand on activewear outside the gym comes down to the fact the we have seen the athleisure trend over the past few seasons and as a result of this it has made it socially acceptable to wear ‘active wear’ outside the gym. I also think that the we as society are becoming more and more exposed to healthy living. Fitness is not just a hobby anymore it’s a way of life. You’ll find most people in Sydney on the weekend meeting up for walks and then heading to their local café to chat in their activewear, it’s all about the convenience and comfort whilst also looking effortlessly stylish.

How do you balance the performance of materials such as sweat-wicking or quick drying with both fashion and functionality?
The choice to use sweat-wicking or quick drying doesn’t affect the choice of fabric or fashion. It is a treatment that is applied to the garment which makes it easy to merge both fashion and functionality.

You have been in business in 1991, how do you maintain creativity and innovation and where do you seek your inspiration from?
Our product team often head overseas for inspiration to fashion hotspots such as London, New York, L.A & San Francisco.

We often look at key figures in the fitness industry to monitor what styles/prints/colours are trending for the season. We are always sourcing new/innovative exclusive prints through regular meetings with print designers that take inspiration from catwalks and street trends. We also find that WGSN is a great tool for designers bringing worldwide trends to your screen.

My view on the athliesure trend after my research didn’t change my mind, it’s a fashionable style and very fun to wear. But for the future I hope the trends change after a while because I love seeing new things pop up and working their way into the mainstream world.

What are you thoughts about this trend? Or are you breaking the bubble?

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  1. This is so interesting and inspirational! I have low energy days where comfy sport leggings and sneakers are everything to me 😀 sooo lovely! xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
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    1. Robinbeeblog says:

      Thank you Elizabeth, I followed your blog! xx


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