H&M Infinite Impact Eyeshadow

Hennes & Mauritz ‘Infinite Impact Eye Colour’ their stunning eyeshadow collection with tons of different shades. Not every H&M sells their beauty collection, so I found mine in Gent Langemunt. The eyeshadow is packaged with one eye colour and a golden compact, they retail for 5,99 with 0.07 OZ. 2 G.

There easy to work with soft and blendable with brush or without, you can build them up to be a vivid colour or just a subtle look, this colour I’ve been looking for this colour but every time there in a palette, and most of the colours you really don’t need. So these are perfect for makeup trends and eyelooks.

If you love playing with different eyelooks than I recommend them the quality is stunning and the colours are to die for. This swatch I did with my fingers you can create an even pigment eye look. And if you’re not sold yet just look at this amazing packaging it’s perfect.

I love reading your comments! What are your thoughts, are you a fan?

Robin Xx


6 thoughts on “H&M Infinite Impact Eyeshadow

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