P.S Pro Oval Makeup Brushes

This set comes with a large, medium and small brushes with an irresistible rose gold colour. I was first grabbing to the black brushes but this set I just can’t resist. I hear different things about these so I search and I got them, I’ve been searching them for a while now but there not the first thing I grab to. Still my old brushes are my way to go. This set retails for 11,-€

The large brushes is one of my favorite it applies foundation easy and without streaks but I have to say my normal brushes give the same result and is a lot faster. For cleaning I find it harder to see what’s left behind because of the dark colour on top.

The medium size is perfect for bronzing or blending your contour. I’m not a biggest fan of this one because I love to use my Real Techniques contour brush.

The small brush it’s easy to blend in smaller area but I notice with the smaller one the bristles are not as soft as the larger brush, it leaves my concealer streaky and not blended in. I read you can also blend your eyeshadow in, maybe that will work but blending concealer that a big no!

My thoughts about this set, they are very pretty and stunning but I would just buy the large oval brush because that is the one I use the most overall there are not bad brushes maybe I can use them for other purposes.

I love reading your comments! What are your thoughts, did you try these out?

Robin Xx


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