Lush Jester Unboxing

The Jester lush box filled bathbomsand lots of fun. Before I throw them in the water I first want to share and learn more about these products. First what there made of and how to use them?

The first one I found was “The Santasaurus” a bubble bar, you can use this over again not like bathboms. Get most of your product: Swirl or crumble a piece under running water and get luscious bubbles from bergamot and orange. Sounds lovely and more fun! Isn’t he a cutie? Of cource are the ingredients from this productΒ 100% Vegan.

“The Lord Of Misrule” a green precious bathbomb that will give as I read a wine colour, is it true I will see later. How to enjoy? Fill you bath with warm water drop the bathbom and see the explosions with colour and essential oils. The evil side of the box.

“The Jester” him self, again a colour full Bubble Bar. How to use: swirl or crumble a piece under running water. The ingredients are 100% Vegan

“The Monsters’Ball” A scary bathbom that will haunt you with a relaxed feeling. Good news all the ingredients are 100% Vegan.

Even the packing is 100% recycled, only 2 plastic bottles are needed to make the knot-wrap, and this box is filled with ecoflo material made of surplus potato starch that dissolves in water or in the ground, it’s tested that it protect the lush goodies better then before!

I love reading your comments! What is your favorite LUSH product?

Robin Xx


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