Christmas Gifts I Bought For Myself 


Around this time of year we give so much but when do you take time for yourself? Maybe you’re like me and give yourself sometimes a special gift, Get the things you always pass in store but never take with you because for the price, or you just don’t need it.

I always wanted to  try this high brand (Benefit). It’s to expensive to buy everything I need. Sure you have more expensive items than this but I adore their line, its looks always on point and adorable. They have these cute gift sets and I was counting the price and if I had to buy them all apart it would be over 100€ worth of products and I got it for the half of the price. So it was now or never.

The same about the beauty calendars, I always wanted this forever. But for every Christmas I never had the chance to buy or even find a fun one to open. So I sticked to chocolate calendar.

I love hearing from you! For real, what are your thoughts about gifts for yourself?

Robin Xx


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  1. nikoline says:

    Great gifts! I think it’s so much fun to buy gifts for yourself 😉


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    1. Robinbeeblog says:

      Thanks girl, Merry Christmas!


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