Christmas Beauty Calendar – 6 days to go …

We are midway our calendar I have 6 products already what are we going to get next? Let see what in slot number six…

Finally a nail polish I waited long enough, it’s the glitter and gold nail polish with beautiful gold glitter.

You can remove the golden top and paint your nails, it’s easy and faster.

I quickly coated my nails with this glitter and gold nail polish but one thing that is not pleasant is the scent, it just smells like paint really strong. The drying process is not so fast it stays sticky for a while.

I love hearing from you! Tell me in the comments, are you opening an advent calendar too?

Robin Xx



  1. I had this calendar (but started it on the first so finished opening a week ago) and as much as I wanted to, I don’t like the nail varnishes 😔 can’t get them to apply well x

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