Forever 21 -Clothing Haul

Last week I order some new goodies from Forever 21, There where having a free shipping over 20€, so I immediately started shopping on there website. I was in need of some new clothing,  I bought 3 items for 34,09€ so let’s see what I got. I order them on 17/10 and they arrived on 19/10. Pretty fast, I didn’t expect this. In case you have the wrong size, they provide you with an address to send them back and deposit your money back to you.

I tried everything out and there super soft and great quality, the sizing is always difficult to choose with online shopping but I order everything in a small. There where size guide’s with every item, so you can measure and get the right size. Really handy for online purchase like clothing or shoes.

Boxy Marled Knit Tee: A basic marled ribbed knit tee featuring a scoop neckline, short sleeves, the high side slits give something more to a basic tee, and a boxy silhouette. Also available in amber.

Velvet Halter Bodysuit: A Velvet Bodysuit featuring a halter neck, crochet panel along V-neckline, and a snap-button closure. Sits really comfortable and soft. Also available in a beautiful light pink colour.

California Graphic Lace-Up Top: A sleeveless knit top featuring “California Los Angeles Est. 1988” surrounded by a circle of  beautiful roses and a flying eagle graphic, a round neckline, this is one of my favorites I love the lace-up detailing on the sides.

I love hearing from you! Tell me in the comments, What is your favorite piece you like to wear during autumn?

Robin Xx


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