August Favorites 2016 – Closing summer

Reviewing my last summer products, Sad to say this but summer is really over now. August was amazing and here are some products I used on vacation,


Hema clay mask if you can, try this product it’s a must have. Clay is so good for your skin and by the way your skin feels amazing after 8 minutes. I love multitasking with masks like writing my blog or watching YouTube, I’m sure not wasting time with this.
The body shop mojito scrub is a good scrub and a key to everything, it gets dead skin cells out of your way and let your skin glow. Ps. you smell like Mojito after scrubbing.

L’oreal Matte lipstick this is my first one and I’m impressed with this product just for €9.99 you get a long-lasting matt lipstick, that doesn’t dry out your lips and gives you a powerfull look. o6 DISTURBIA has a beautiful orange-red colour that stays on through drinking but not eating, it fades away and leaves no weird stains, I’ve been wearing it to festivals and on hot days so it’s really good at surviving crazy days.
The MUA pallet is a colourful pallet that’s perfect to bright your makeup look! I used it on my under lashes. It made them look gorgeous and fun to mix and matched with colours.

These are the two products I used the most on vacation one of them is the Catrice Travel set. Of course was this my first choice on vacation. It had everything, a bronzer, highlighter, blush, 2 eyeshadows, highlight pen and a black eye pencil. What do you need more?
The next one is this deep tanning oil, maybe I got my hopes too high but I think my tan stayed longer because of this product. If it’s not, it still had an overpowering good coconut scent. Not mad about it.

I love hearing from you! how did you started your September? And what where you favorites in august?

Robin Xx



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