Real techniques: Must have brushes for highlight&Contour lovers

This week I’m testing the Real Techniques Collector’s edition from Sam & Nic Chapman. With this sculpting set you get three brushes: Sculpting Brush, Fan brush and a Setting brush. In love with contouring, highlighter or baking this is the set you need. Even the fan brush is an exclusive cut, It’s a limited brush set for 29,90 €.

Let’s speak about this colour for a second isn’t it gorgeous? I’m usually not a pink person but this is just an amazing finish on the brushes. But let’s see what this brush set contains, The sculpting brush has a wide angled head that is perfect and designed to create defined contours. Perfect for your everyday bronzer or your favorite contour kit. Let me know! What’s your favorite contour kit?

The fan brush a soft tin brush to swipe powders such as highlighter and makes a perfect finish to swipe the excess make-up away. To let your highlight shine on the right places.

These brushes are 100% Cruelty free and all brushes are made of ultra plush tack bristles (synthetic bristles) They claim that there easy to clean and long-lasting. I didn’t try to wash them so we will  see. Let us know if you have Real techniques brushes, Are they in fact long-lasting?

Last one is maybe small but the most used of the set for me, The setting brush the key to complete any look with blending and dusting off powder to give a professional look. I use it for baking to swipe my excess powder off but you can use it for so much more such as: setting your concealer, highlighting,blending eyeshadow,Etc.

This is one of my favorite feature of Real Techniques brushes, Every brush has a name. This is really helpful to find the perfect brush for your make-up look. There really soft and simple to work with, they have a nice grip on the bottom so you can hold this brush the right way and apply your make-up flawless.


I ♥ hearing from my readers, What’s brushes are you using at the moment, and what are your favorites?

Robin Xx


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  1. Dick says:

    Thanks for posting this great post. I’ve been reading for a while but
    I’ve never actually left a comment. I’ve bookmarked your site and shared this on Twitter.
    Many thanks again for a great article!


  2. johnnielynn says:

    Real techniques are my faves,

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Robinbeeblog says:

      There are my first RT brushes and there amazing. Robin xx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. johnnielynn says:

        I’ve developed quit a collection. Lol

        Liked by 1 person

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