Skin for all seasons

Inspired by my friends over at Razor’s a company, Dollar Shave Club,  This week I’m bringing awareness to seasonal skin care, yes there are certain things we have to do all year round. Drink lots of water, wear sunscreen, shower. But not every season has the same weather circumstances. So here are things you have to change during different seasons.

But why do you have to change?

It’s really important to know what you have to do if you’re facing cooler or warmer temperatures. During colder months your protective layer can be vulnerable and dehydrated, even fine lines and wrinkles may appear quicker because of the dry weather. But during the warmer and sunny months.

What do you need to change?

In the colder months (fall&Winter)
photo-1445366526762-3646e5bf3bebAfter you shower or wash your face with soap, foam or gel. Try to moisturize with heavier bodylotions or beauty oil. It’s the perfect moment to boost your hydration and give your skin a cushiony softness. Try to do hydrating masks 1-2 times a week without the need to completely change out all your skin care products from summer. Before I apply makeup I use a moisturizer so my skin is prepared and ready for the dry cold weather.

In the warmer months (Spring&Summer)photo-1459980874200-cfea332e86ca

Use a bodylotion daily with sunscreen even when you not exposed it’s enough to add up and damage the skin. I like to think of sunscreen and foundation as the ‘dynamic duo.’ And don’t forget your lips: Select a balm that includes SPF. Use aftersun to heal your skin and prevent your skin from peeling. For makeup days I like to use a makeup spray that hydrate and refreshes me true the hot summer days

These are some personal skincare steps, I tried to explain the basics of every season. Because everyone has different skin types or the weather is not the same as I live.

I ♥ hearing from you! What’s your season skincare secret?

Robin Xx


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  1. nogynyan says:

    Great tips! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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    1. Robinbeeblog says:

      Loved sharing it with you! Xx


  2. Really liked the winter tips, you forget that it’s not just the sun that can damage your skin

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