Thoughts about wearing make-up + The truth?

How I feel wearing makeup? For everyone it’s a different reason. So do what makes YOU happy. My thoughts about makeup and wearing it.

My first makeup product was a low budget mascara, I don’t remember what brand. I watch a lot of beauty guru’s on youtube that where testing all different makeup product and I fell in love with it. I didn’t buy it immediately but I did know how to do a full face of makeup, by just watching these girls do their thing. 

Of course I tried more and more makeup, the brand I first explored  was Essence a budget friendly brands, that’s cruelty free and perfect to start with. Essence is still one of my favorites but when you become a makeup junkie like me you buy more than just one brand.

I see a lot of struggles if it comes to makeup, some people say that your fake, hiding your real self or your ugly without it? I think this is nonsense you wear it because you like it. And not because your ugly without, your pretty with and without.

I wear makeup because I love the way I look with it and even when I have no makeup on, I don’t really care what people thing. I feel just the same without it. Yes makeup is strong and can hide a lot of things but you can shine bright and show al your perfections! If a person is feeling good with or without let them be. Just choose you.

I love hearing from you! What are your thoughts about makeup?

Robin Xx


12 thoughts on “Thoughts about wearing make-up + The truth?

  1. Make and not a makeup wearer but one of the brands I work for is a lipstick company. A common thought line for make up is that women can wear make up like a shield and armour in an empowering sense.

    Personally a smart shirt and jacket make me feel more confident, so I kinda get that.

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  2. I don’t wear makeup on a daily basis, but I make a bit of an effort if I’m going out. Sometimes I feel a bit weird in it because I’m so pale and my hair is fair, but lately I’ve been watching Youtube tutorials – they’re so helpful haha x

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