Primark Haul


I went for a shopping day in Ghent but I didn’t really need much. Primark was the last store off our day and if you go in ones you’re not leaving empty-handed. That’s why I love to shop there. Let see what I bought…

This bright orange travel bag/ makeup bag is really cute and I instantly fell in love with it when I picked it up in the store! First the orange was not so bright and kind off not my thing. But when I came home with it, it was the prettiest bright orange I ever seen. and it so practical, if you flip it open you can see al your products in place this is why I had no doubt to buy it. For only €4,- I didn’t hesitate.

Also I picked up these cute T-shirts, their great quality and there where only €8,- .The one on the left is just a home shirt I wish I could where it outside but that’s a little too much.

This is what I needed , I’m always thirsty when I go to sleep or watching something upstairs. If I take a glass of water is just boring and you have to refill quicker because it can’t hold as much as this bottle. 100% Thirsty it motivates me to drink more water everyday!

Tell me in the comments!
What is your most amazing found in Primark?

Robin Xx



16 thoughts on “Primark Haul

  1. Leuke aankoopjes! Ik koop altijd basics in de Primark omdat ze daar zo goedkoop zijn. Ook neem ik ook altijd iets van accessoires of home decoratie mee naar huis. Oh, en de pyjama’s van de Primark zijn ook leuk!

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