Calming Candle Therapy

Are you a candle lover like me? Then you may have the same collecting habit like me. I collect candles for the season that coming so I want to share my Spring candel collection.

Yankee Candle 

I’m a super fan of Yankee Candles and there hard to get in Belgium. So the first I bought in England  there I was overwhelmed with all the scents, I didn’t know what to pick and this store was not an official Yankee Candle store so the only had like a few scent not a lot. The second time I when to a shopping mall in Italy and there was a officail store. So I went crazy with the candles.


I waited long enough for a primark in my area so YES of course I’m gonna buy some candles.
The first candle was only 4,-€


I got these from my mom, super cute packed and great scent for only 1€


I had Ikea candles before and there really enjoyable, there long-lasting, the scent smells good and its an affordable price. Last summer I had a coconut one but I didn’t find it at the store so I went with apples 😀

Thank you for reading my blog let me know in the comments what you collected for spring or whats your favorite candle brand is? I really want to try other candel brands I seen amazing one but only available in America or England.

Tell me in the comments! What’s your favorite scent in a candle?

Robin X




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