March Favorites – 2016 

Hi everyone, yes it’s all ready the end of March, Crazy uh? So I’m back with my favorites and let me tell you what I’ve been using over and over again…



These where my two foundation I used like crazy, you can see there torn up. I mixed them together to get the perfect colour, because “the all about matt” was little light and the stay all day was too orange too clear the makeup stash I finally can buy new foundation!

Lipcare was essential this month because my lips weren’t having smooth days . So I used a ton of lipbalms and scrubs too heal them back up.

Yes I hit pan on my bronzer, It’s a giant container and was not expensive at all. I’ve been using this for like a year now. I think longer because the label is all worn off. I love contouring with this and I use this especially to give a little tan to my face. Because I’m so white and need sun!



Not a lot of nailpolish this month, but healing my nails a cuticle to repair them from dry weather. I use the Hema cuticle lemon oil, It has a brush like ordinary nailpolish so it apply easy. You have to massage and let is sit for a couple of minutes.


The beginning of March was really good, I felt healthy but the last week I had like sneezing and an upcoming painful throat. So this kept me from falling sick,the Vicks tablets and  especially with eucalyptus in. It helps you feel fresh and breathe freely.

And this month I’m really happy about my blog because I have almost 20 followers on And I didn’t expect it was that much fun to do! So I want to thank all fellow bloggers or blog readers that read and comment on my post, thank you for clicking on that follow button. That’s really amazing! And I like you 😀

Robin Xx 





8 thoughts on “March Favorites – 2016 

  1. I loved reading this-all the products and photos look so great for spring! I love your blog by the way-youve got a new follow hehe! -Tash x

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  2. I love this post! Your photos are really good, i wish i was that good at photography! Congrats on nearly 20 followers, you deserve so many more! x

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