– Change the way of eyewear –

Yes it’s true! First I was like “that’s impossible” but then I just gave it a little read and these people want to change the monopoly game in the eyewear industry and lower the price for sun and regular glasses.

For people with glasses like my self it’s really expensive for sunglasses or regular ones. I’ve been looking for sunglasses with subscription for the longest time. So I went to an eyewear store and found …

1. Too expensive glasses
2. Boring frames or models
3. If you break it = money waste

And then I found the game changing website for eyewear, Polette. It gives you many options for sunglasses and you can choose from classic to trendy. Not enough?! Check out the page full off €6,99 glasses or $19,99 with full option subscription to choose from.

Belgium and The Netherlands


My purchase


So I bought these big black sunglasses and on this model I can adjust the size so it won’t fall of my face, pretty happy with it! They are comfy to wear and I found a model I liked, 😀 Finally and it was only €27-. Can’t wait to test out the regular glasses.

6_1_0.jpgI’m so stoked for there E-polette line these glasses are specially developt for protecting your eyes from computer light (blue light). You check your phone so much and everything is on computer now so you can better be trendy with a new set off glasses.



Until now there is only one store. There’s settled in Amsterdam, Kinkerstraat 288
1053 GB. You can try their new glasses and get a free eye sight measurement, The store is open on every weekday and Saturday, just on Sunday’s they need their restday too 😀

Have you visited the store and how did it go? Tell me if you’re interested to try it out.

Click for more low-budget online shopping.

Robin Xx


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