Drugstore Beauty: New Arrivels March


Hello beauty’s

So are you loving the new arrivals from the drugstore? I have for sure waiting to get my hands on these new makeup must haves!

The most I was excited for where the lipsticks from Essence there so beautiful! And the colors they have is just so hard to choose from there so gorgeous!

This is the Catrice Stylo eyeshadow pen in the color 030 copper and paste, I heard they where really pretty on the eyelid just on their own. They are very pigmented, for on the go,smooth and easy to apply. These retail for € 3,99.


 1. 23 Velvet Matt 2. 03 Come Naturally


These are the ones I picked from their collection, the 03 Come Naturally is not a new one, but I really liked the colour off it. I lost mine so I bought a new one and I’m still loving this colour. In the long-lasting nude collection there where 3 new ones: 06 Don’t stop the nude, 07 Velvet Matt and 08 Velvet Matt.

The 23 Velvet Matt is a new lipstick from there long-lasting lipstick collection there where 3 other beautiful colors: 21 Très Chic,22 The girl next door and 24 Velvet Matt. Sadly the other ones I wanted where sold out in my local drugstore. These retail for €2,39


This blusher so adorable with that mosaic texture and it give you beautiful healthy glow. If you’re not a fan of pink tones than this is the perfect colour for you! PS: I also bought it for the looks :D, and off the price it retails just for 2,99€

These where so random but so easy to travel with and really convenient in your make up bag. Removes all the makeup easy and quick even waterproof ones. These retail for 1,29€

Thank you for reading my drugstore haul. If you like these types of blogpost let me know in the comment and tell me whats your favorite product from there new arrivals? Don’t forget to share, like and comment! See you next week 😀

Robin Xx


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