February Favorites – 2016

Hey welcome back too my monthly favorites, this month I didn’t try so much new stuff but of course I have been using some of my favorite things. Let’s get started…


This I have for a longer time but I been using it everywhere, I take it in my purse so I don’t have to struggle with knots in my hair. It’s the only brush that not hurts my hair, now in this awful weather with rain and wind you get what I mean. It saves the day if your hair is a mess.


This can save your makeup in this season, If you have dry skin no problem it moisturizer and hydrates the skin, spray the micro-fine mist over your face for easy application. Protects you against heat, humidity, cold and windy conditions. Also it says that it has an “Up to 8 hours fixing power”, I feel definitely that it makes my makeup stay longer. But if I go to work our just out I don’t look every hour too my face, so the duration can depend if you have an oily, dry or normal skin.




This time was Catrice the favorite off the month I just love there colors and quality. The dry really quick and there names are adorable!

1. 57 Karl Says Trés Chic
2. 46 Berry Potter&Plumbledore
3. 05 Stardust



The changes in february where for me not so big but it felt like so much sunnier outside and I was in a really good mood! There where new makeup arrival that made me very excited. Also for breakfast I’ve been trying to eat more, with some fruit to start the day fresh.



What was your february favorite? Or what can I add to this monthly favorites blog? See you next week!

    Robin Xx



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