L’oreal Cushion Foundation


The first Cushion foundation from L’oreal Paris is arrived. I saw it in the store and had to try it! So here is my review of the Nude Magique Cushion.

In the states other brands have release some cushion foundation and it’s not called the “Nude Magique Cushion but the
but this is the first I got my hands on, can’t wait to put it on my face 😀

How to use it? It’s really easy this is my first cushion foundation and it apply’s like a dream no lines or streaks foundation you tap with your non absorbing cushion in the product and tap it on.

These are all the different shades I got the 03 Porcelain the lightest shade. So looking at the container it has a little mirror that is really good quality. The pink lit that holds the sponge, and covers the product up, so your product doesn’t dry out.  I love this concept because you have your little sponge to blend everything out and your product all together in one container.




I’m wearing it today and it’s so much better for my skin, because all other foundations dry out my skin and that’s not pretty. It’s based on water so that why it hydrates you at the same time you have a beautiful foundation day! And if the sun shine over here I will be protected with a SPF 29.

It gives you skin a glowing and dewy touch! I really love it, It retails at 17.99€ For this price you just can’t pass this foundation.





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  1. Molly says:

    Great review! I’ve heard only the best things about this foundation! Definitely need to try it!


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Robinbeeblog says:

      Thanks for reading it! It’s a really good product I definitely recomment 😀


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