Whats in my makeup bag?


Get a little sneak peek of my makeup collection! Let’s begin with my makeup bag that I use everyday, maybe I can upgrade yours or not

First I love shopping for beauty and stuff but I can spend hours searching for the best and don’t go for just the cute packing.


So the first thing are my tools, this bag is all the things that I can take with me if I’m in a hurry, so I only use my Beautyblender home and a brush when i’m out. So let see what’s inside!


  1. The Orignal Beautyblender
  2. Eyeshadow palette from Make Up Academy (Review)
  3. Stardust roll on eyeshadow from Hema (I use it as a highlighter)
  4. Big Bold bronzer from NYC
  5. Erase paste concealer from Benefit
  6. BB cream from 2B
  7. The Rocket volum express mascara from Maybelline
  8. EOS lipbalm
  9. Smoky Eyeliner from UNE natural beauty
  10. Eyeshadow base from Essence
  11. Makeup bag from Hunkemöller
  12. Makeup brushes from AliExpress



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