January Favorites – 2016


Welcome to my first Favorites of the month, It will include beauty and care, games, lifestyle, music, nail polish and so much more!


So for long I’ve been using the lush showergel’s they are the best and it goes on in on with that one 100g bottle. Longer than other soaps I use, It’s like a magic fountain of happiness 😀 but to get to the point yes try it you will love it!

For moistarizing anything, I got you settled ! I recently bought this giant hand& bodylotion pot from yes you guessed it, from lush. Yes, from there again but every winter I buy my lotion or massage bars from them they’re really moistarizing and my arms and legs are always so dry and hurt so much if I don’t take care of them.



I am all the way for drugstore make up, so I’ve been testing some brands out and my favorite of the month has to be the eyeliner from Une they sell it in Di beauty and care. It’s a little compact case with a eyeliner brush in. It is so small I accidentally threw it away, so as an eyeliner brush I’ve been using this one from Essence. It’s small, precise, low in price and its in a cute color!



Next on my favorites list is a game that I’ve been playing from the day it launched,  Starwars battlefront. It’s a really awesome game with lots of different game modes. The gameplay is so beautiful, and it runs really smoothly. And it’s really fun to play missions or multiplayer together.


Favorite songs have been the Alive album from Trevor Moran. If you want to listen to it you can buy it on iTunes or on Spotify. Or follow me at Robin Notenbaert to hear my playlists.


I’ve been loving these little nailpolishes from Hema they’re  really fast drying and the colors are really adorable! It’s a really quick way to have some color on your nail and they last pretty long, they don’t chip, they fade away and that’s what I love about these polishes. Add an extra top coat and they will last  longer.


So the couple of days I was little sick with a runny nose and was really tired so I’ve been resting and sleeping to get my health back up. And eating lots of fruits and veggies like bananas and fresh orange juice 🍊 I also liked walking outside or shopping alone and just thinking in fresh air, it’s really calming to me and it makes my day a little more productive.

I think that was all I loved this month. If you have other ideas to mention in a monthly favorites post be sure to leave it in the comments below and tell me what your favorite is off the month or if you like reading it share it with your friends or sign up for my blog mails and you will not miss one post! See you next week.

Robin Xx








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