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So first I was against online shopping but now I am totally for it. It’s weird but when you get the hang of it you can’t go without, it’s so easy.

But if you spend so much on just one site, I have a couple of sites that are really cheap and most of the time you can trust! So watch out and read reviews or feedback that helps for better view what the product should look like and see all of the details.

The sites I shop the most are Aliexpress and Shop Miss A. So from Aliexpress I order handbags, watches, jewelry, clothing,etc. On that website you can order so much that the list goes on and on so I really recommend you to go and visit and explore that website. Shop Miss A is a website that sells everything for one dollar, it’s so crazy they sell makeup, jewerly, nailart and so much more. This website offers no free shipping but sometimes they do for special occasions. If you find the product you really want there are a few steps before you sure you order it safe.

Step 1: never order blindly! Always look for feedback and look for real photo’s.
Step 2: is there no feedback or really bad reviews skip that and look for an other seller. There are always better options even if it’s a little more in the price range.
Step 3: if you don’t want to go over budget just add it to your wish list and go back later to select stuff you really need/want.
Step 4: look out for extra cost like shipping and pay with the safest option!
Step 5: Have fun shopping!

img_1290Other sites that look interesting but I never order on are Off Duty this is the “sister” site of Shop Miss A. Also an other site I recommend for inexpensive eyewear is polette if you looking for sunglasses or just regular glasses, you can find really fashionable glasses for a low price and there are always coupons you can enter so keep you’re eyes open!

I will do a review of this website for an other blog post what my experience was with polette eyewear. interested in more make sure you follow me on here or via email so you don’t miss any post.

Thank you for reading I hope you found interesting and helpful. See you next week with a brand new post!!

Robin Xx











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  1. FrugalMissKris says:

    This is super cool! I’ve never heard of these sites before! I will be checking them out.

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    1. Robinbeeblog says:

      They are super fun to shop at! Robin Xx

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Sonia Aicha says:

    very interesting post ✔️

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