MUA palettes Review

Are you ready for this! New drugstore palettes I’m in love with.These two are from Mua (Make Up Academy) I was just exploring and found these cute palettes with all shiny and matte nudes al that you need in one compact packaging.

You can throw it in youre makeup bag, If you need a day or night look the Elysium palette is the perfect one for you. I am so happy I found this and the price is really not expensive, It retails for a 7 euros I think. The second palette twelfth night was completely free.I just had to spend 10 euros on that brand and you getting it for free so if you life in Belgium or Netherlands and go too a kruidvat near you. There will be a great deal but I had to search really hard it was totally not promoted very well. If I go to the drugstore most of the time there are little sales so if you wanna test a new brand just go for it!


The glitter and matte ones are really soft and easy to blend I love the pigmentation of the colors the duo eye pencil one side an eyeliner the other side a highlighter. They are both smooth consistency but the highlighter is just a little to hard work with. It’s a really great palette to start with as a beginner or for the beautiful color selection.


This Twelfth Night palette is all glitter so if you like glitter in all different color shades, this is the palette you need. It was originally 6 euro, For what you get of colors it not so overpriced and for a drugstore product I am really satisfied with both of the products.


Because I find not allot palettes that are good in my drugstore I was so curious of these two, off course I could buy expensive ones like naked palettes, too faced or from the balm collection but that a little too high in price for a couple of eyeshadows. And there are hard to reach at, we have not stores that sell urban decay or too faced so I stick with the stores near me.

Thank you so so much for reading this blog I was over the moon with these palettes and to show it too you! I hope you will check this out in youre local drugstore and I will speak to you next week with a brand new post.

Robin Xx







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  1. tatetiffany says:

    Both palettes are gorgeous

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Robinbeeblog says:

      I know there so beautiful thanks for the comment Xx

      Liked by 1 person

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