Lush winter wonderland ♥

Since the moment I watch YouTubers that introduced me this store lush, I fell in love with their products and concept!

The price is sometimes a little higher that a normal soap or bathbom but they give you products that worth the money also it’s not tested on animals, it’s all handmade, fresh and natural products. Everytime I walk in a lush store and want to buy products. It’s really difficult to pick the product you really want and not go over budget. When the store in Belgium Ghent opened the first question the sales girls ask me from where I know lush I answered from british YouTubers because I watch them all the time. Also I wanted to have a lush store not so far like Brussel or Antwerp. So I waited for a long time to finely shop there! I was so so happy with my first showergel it was the “its raining men” the scent was so good they still have it in their collection but I have so much showergels left I need to use them first for I can buy new ones.

So for the recent shopping I did in lush was for the winter collection, I picked some cute ones out the first I really wanted to try was this bathbom butterbear the smell of this product is really light and not heavy sort of sweet lemon scent. Then this adorable peeping santa that smell like a really strong strawberry smoothie, what I most do with bathboms is leaving them in a room en let them fill the room with their lovely frangrance.


Also if you are a fan of bubblegum this is properly for you the fairy showergel, bubblegum lipscrub is one of my favs of lush really sweet scent and its only for the winter season so if you interested be quick otherwise it’s not longer for sale and you have to wait for next year.


Thank you for reading I love too share my thought about things and this is one of my favorite stores, so comment down below what your favorite store and product is. I really wanna know, Because this time of year I adore product with there cute christmas and new years packaging.


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