Christmas presents 2015 with matching PJ’s for couples


And christmas is over you have your brand new presents and your so excited to use them, so I really wanna share my present I gifted to my family and friends.

And the present I opened on christmas eve. So the first present I gave was one for my boyfriend a cozy christmas pyjama.

With a superman log on the PJ but wait that’s not the coolest part! They match. The pants are in the same print and the t-shirts is one with superman and one with supergirl on (for me).There are really cozy, I bought them on women secret they had different maching ones like Barbie and ken, you make toast I’ll make coffee but these matched with us.
For my mom I gave a facecare set of Vichy. And my dad I gave an aftershave from Eucerin this is the only one that doesn’t irritates his skin.


And of course I bought something for my self, So I got the pink beautyblender from the brand itself because I heard that was the best one out there.

From my parents I got a travel case for my Instax mini 8 in the color pink. I wanted this for a long time but didn’t find it anywhere. It’s really a must have, if you have a Polaroid camera and it so handy for traveling and keep it in hand reach. So in love with it!!

From my boyfriend I got the starwars battlefront pc game, It’s a really great and fun game to play togheter. He is really in to games so I wanted something that we both can play and enjoy.


I hope you enjoyed it if you did give it a like or a comment! And if you want a review of the battlefront starwars game, or my new beautyblender make sure you follow me or sign up for my blog emails.

Robin Xx


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