Spice up your daily routine with a health tracker



Hello lovely readers ♥

If been using mine health tracker for about a year, so I though to share my experience. I’m using the fitbit flex model this is the one that only shows little lights if you double tap on top of the bracelet.

This means how many steps, kilometer you have or calories you burned. When it’s low I plug it in my computer and all the data is then connected with the wireless sync dongle or I connect it with my phone true bluetooth.

The most I use is the free app that comes with the fitbit tracker. It tells every detail about when you were most active, everything about your sleep. If you have friends with the same brand of device you can do challenges and get more active with friendly competition. You can log your water intake, weight, calories eaten and track specific exercises. On the website you can look for other models that give more info on the device itself, but I’m happy with this one it not to small or to big but you have for 3 types everyday, active and performance fitness so if you sport often you can upgrade to one of these but I just use it on my work daily and it gives me a boost when you hit your goal.


It’s definitely fun if you wear it day and night, you can follow how active you are true out the day and how you sleep. It’s very interesting how much you do in one day at work or at home. Everything is explained very specific true the installation. So I don’t need to  explain everything, all instruction are included but for more help you can go on their website. You can find everything that may be the problem and the service is really great! their response is very quick. If you interested there is so much info over every device on there website. Overall its a great product I am already thinking for testing an other one. Because the clic system of the flex and charge is not so trustworthy. My bracelet is the second one I have, the first one I lost in a theme park sadly I didn’t find it back but the service send me a brand new one. So technically is this not a problem any more but the clic systeem I still not trust completely. I will update when I make the choice. If you intrested in that just follow or sign up with your email, so you don’t miss any post.

Thanks you for reading my experience I hope you found it interesting. Please share a leave a comment if you really liked it or if you have any questions just ask me and I will response so quick as I can.


Robin Xx


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